Security • Accountability • Compliance

Establish and Automate Your Secure Software Development Framework

Build a Forensic Chain of Custody Between Software Developers and Every Line of Code They Create

Gain Enchanced AI/ML Insights into Development Activity, Employee Productivity, and Potential Threats

Automated Compliance with Federal Software Supply Chain Requirements including OMB M-22-18 and NIST 800-218

Endorsed By U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“CodeLock appears to have the capability to stop the most sophisticated criminal malware. With respect to cyber attacks from hostile nation-states, CodeLock would also be effective...”

How Does CodeLock® Work?

Codelock® is a patent-pending solution that continuously provides software security at the code level, while providing advanced management insights with performance metrics and data analytics. Codelock® discloses an insertion attack within milliseconds from its occurrence and instantly identifies where that incursion occurred (saving companies and organizations millions per incident.). CodeLock® also provides managers with performance metrics that can be used to assess the quantity, quality, and efficiency of the work-product of their Developers, increasing accountability of remote employees.

Insights and Oversights of Your Code and Developers
Through Every Phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Pre-Built Integrations With All Major DevSecOps Tools

Secure every line of code in your SDLC with instant alerts that lets you lock hackers out

Gain enhanced AI insights into employee productivity and potentially suspicious activity from inside and out

Manage your software developers and take control of your production costs

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